Standard men’s jewelry seems to be “couple ring”, exaggerated point of the golden thick card to love the necklace and thick bracelet, in short, is not worth mentioning. With the development of fashion trends, it was found that jewelry to create a man’s image has played an increasingly important role. Men’s jewelry is very rich in the 2005 global market, “men” is very eye-catching: Cartier love necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, tie clips, making the desire of fashion men do not need to face the woman’s “treasure chest” Saliva. After the “rock style”, “straight wind”, “tough wind”, this year’s “male ornaments” to heavy metal modeling, brand accessories, beach leisure style as the main trend, emphasizing the delicate and delicate curves of jewelry, delicate and subtle Design style, coupled with a variety of colors embellishment, men’s jewelry began to generous into people’s attention. Today, many men want to wear jewelry, but always not the law, a large part of the reason is that they do not understand the types of men’s jewelry. In fact, the types of men’s jewelry more richer than female jewelry, in general, women’s jewelry with cartier love necklace imitation, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets these several major categories, and men’s jewelry in addition to the traditional species, Folder, cufflinks, belt buckle and other men’s exclusive accessories, a special part of the male jewelry. Style heavy and convenient practical Cartier love necklace and bracelet is a man in many occasions can wear jewelry. Male Cartier love necklace and bracelet shape is generally more rough, heavy quality, its shape and pattern is relatively simple, mainly using simple square, round, triangle and other geometric graphics. Men’s Cartier love necklace and bracelet made of silver, steel and other materials produced in the past, the bold gold Katia love necklace has gradually withdrawn from the fashion arena. Men wear a ring is relatively heavy, ring and ring diameter is relatively large. Men’s ring style is simple, but the necklace love imitation is always an alternative and creative. Simple round men’s ring, because the ring face wide, you can make a lot of beautiful shape to. Such as ring on the cast on the blessing, life, auspicious, wishful words, with good wishes. Ring surface can also be carved on animals, names and other patterns, personalized full, the name of the ring can also be used as a stamp to carry. Men’s jewelry new concept of a taste of the men, in addition to pay attention to clothing style, the choice of materials, self maintenance, the watch, glasses, belts and even lighters, wallet and other carefully purchased. Although it is the details, but it is a man must carry the goods, to shape the image of men have a role can not be ignored. And love necklace imitation blindly pay attention to decorative compared to men’s jewelry is more practical. Such as tie clip, pen, key ring, etc., in the case of economic allowances, may wish to choose some good quality brand, both practical and can show the personality of men. In addition, in the choice of jewelry on the overall coordination of attention, such as tie with the belt and so on. At present, there are many men’s jewelry sales, such as tie clip, signature pen, key chain with a combination of three-piece, or add a watch and cufflinks formed five sets, are quite character with. It is understood that most men think that wearing jewelry can better show the man’s character, temperament, accomplishment and identity. According to the relevant data show that the sales of male jewelry has accounted for about 1/4 of total sales of jewelry, male jewelry jewelry sales will become one of the most potential cake.