Known for compact known Sweet Alhambra ® works its classic design combines new material. 12 models of Sweet Alhambra Pierre, the unique ruched rose gold and white K gold diamond design perfect fusion, witnessed the wholesale van cleef & arpels clover earings jewelry family of creative ingenuity, for the lucky symbol and gentle temperament injection shine. Sweet Alhambra work is light and delicate, petite charming motif as a symbol of joy melodious pieces. Alhambra from ruched rose gold texture shine through now rare for Alhambra lucky four-leaf pattern plated fantasy glory, such a process has been used for casting and refining Perlée ® Vintage Alhambra series. The unique family of gold, copper and silver casting Tempered rose gold, texture rich texture, with a central fine polished gold beads alternating light and dark, complement each other. Family female elegant aesthetic qualities, their emphasis on three new models: elegant beautiful fake van cleef & arpels clover bracelet, six lucky four-leaf motif bracelet put together and put together 16 motif necklace made of long, elegant amplified, and ingenuity unique pendants, earrings and bracelets to form a complete ruched rose gold series, the exquisite style and extraordinary creativity perfect blend. Sweet Alhambra elegant simplicity of the new work, either with each other, can also be backed each other with family Pierre, adding gentle charm. New works in color and Alhambra series of echoes, ruched rose gold and carnelian, serpentine wooden mapping phase, white diamonds and mother of pearl and turquoise hues interwoven harmony. Inlaid with gold balls, Sweet Alhambra motif and matching Perlée series between totally natural; and bracelets, either alone or will wear multiple mix, can set off each other and Charms watch, natural echo. Like spring in vibrant fresh air, Sweet Alhambra and Cosmos TM and Frivole TM series interpretation of the elegant and noble qualities, and Two Butterfly galloping out an aerial ballet. Jacques. Albemarle said: "Lucky heart is willing, in order to become the lucky person." Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels for luck, especially valued, and use it as inspiration to design a variety of classic works. First Alhambra long wholesale fake van cleef & arpels clover bracelet was born in 1968, K yellow gold and simple lines festooned with lucky four-leaf pattern. Kim piping design, a symbol of harmony, a launch will get people's attention and love. It is not only a symbol of luck, but also a Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels classic motif.