Corn replica van cleef arpels alhambra necklace not only lovely, mainly rich and beautiful, was we loved, jade and jade wear people feel lively and clever, not only reflects the vitality of young people, but also the elderly yearning for vitality. Sculptor is really whimsy, jade carved into corn, really unique novelty, looking at the emerald jade that full of lovely look, really let people put it down. van cleef arpels alhambra necklace fake its beautiful instrument meaning: corn seed and more full arrangement of the meaning of children and grandchildren, huge leaves wrapped corn seed meaning bag rich fortune, the top of the corn sui elegant elegant meaning auspicious wishful, age (spike ear) safe. The golden corn implication Jinyu Manchang, its cultural connotation: grain bumper harvest, more than every year, fruitful, successful fame. Fushou peace. Corn pendant on behalf of the harvest, meaning the cause of smooth, bless the people of the business life of the harvest. , Corn as the prototype shape full, a few leaves wrapped with full of corn seeds, vivid image. Meaning more than a child blessing, a corn contains a lot of corn kernels, so corn since ancient times there are gold full house, children and grandchildren, business is booming, age and other good meaning of peace. Autumn is golden, on behalf of the harvest, and corn after the golden light cans, the joy of harvest is strong, so the corn is a great harvest.