1847, Louis-francoiscartier from his master Adolphepicard in the hands of the jewelry workshop at 29th Montorgueil Street, Paris, the Cartier brand was born, until 1899 Cartier moved to the current address, Paris Hepingjie 13th, in Louis-francois these three brothers are noisy people, they traveled all over the world, ran various regions from India to Russia, and then from the Persian Gulf to Newland, until 1902 and 1909, Cartier in London and New York, respectively, set up branch offices, The three brothers just a little bit more calm, this kind of rush to consolidate the basis of Cartier jewelry, 1902 will be King Edward VII Prince of Wales once praised Cartier as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor. He also appointed replica cartier necklace mens as the royal jewellery supplier of the British Royal Family in 1904, and the exotic culture experienced by the three brothers travelling around the world has deeply influenced the style of the Cartier boutique, today whether it is premium jewellery or contemporary jewellery series such as Lebaiserdudragon, Cartier products are based on excellent production technology, unique style and expertise to convey the value of the brand, early in the pocket watch and watch a lot of popularity, Cartier showed a high degree of interest in the production of Clocks, in 1888, the Cartier file mentioned the first female wrist watch, For Louiscartier, this is the future, and in 1904 he made the Santos watch for Brazilian pilot friend Santos-Dumont. The success of the watch has prompted replica cartier necklace for men to continue to introduce other forms, creating a 20th century-style Cartier tradition: Tonneau (1906), Tortue (1912), Tank Watch (1919), Baignoire Wrist Watch (1957), Panthère wrist watch (1983), Pashadecartier Wrist Watch (1985), Tankfran Aisee Watch (1996), Collectionprivéecartierparis Series: 1997 Cartier decided to integrate its classic watch and the best handmade wrist watch into a series, including the Roadster Watch (2002), Déclaration Wrist (2003), SANTOS100 Wrist Watch (2004), 1911, Cartier launched a well-known classic inventions: Cartier Phantom Clock, floating in the air of the clock pointer, as if out of the movement alone, magic clock production technology, is still replica cartier mens necklace refused to disclose the unique skills, Phantom Clock has a variety of different styles, including “Chimera” Bell and imitate the Buddhist monastery “portico” clock.